Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guess what??:)

     Were expecting!!!!
Baby #7 is on the way!!
Photo credit from google search and every parent site ever.:)

                       How excited are we????Very!!!!We've been trying for almost a year and it just couldn't of come at a better time!
          I feel so blessed right now!I have 5 amazing kiddos that couldn't make me happier and a precious angel in Heaven....I was never one i thought to have a lot of children but God has really opened my eyes to sooooo many things over the years.And of course i still have alot of learning to go but I'm loving the time of praise and worship with my Lord.And for all those times when i told myself why am i not pregnant?We've never had a problem before,why has it taking soooo long now?Then it hit me...whoa did it hit me...I had to realize that things aren't about me and to let things alone.Give it God and never stop praying..Children are blessings from God and he choose me to once again take care of this amazing human being..Whoa......What more can i say?
photo credit from google search
       I guarantee you that i say thank you for choosing me and my husband to raise these children and to teach them to live,love and cherish you in every way.Can i do this Lord????Only you know how things will work out and i will definitely be seeking you out 24/7!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Walgreens has store cards!

           Walgreens has store cards now!!!Thats awesome!So if your wallet looks like mine you have lots and lots of store cards!!:)Not including all the other cards and junk we have to carry around!And im totally ok with that!!
            What kind of coupon organizer do you use?I currently use the binder method but recently saw a video for a coupon closet???Which i like that idea to!But i think i would rather carry around my trusty binder than a box.:)lol.Have a blessed day!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Books Im reading now

     Well first of all let me say that i finished The Duggar book and it was good like i thought it was going to be!!....Love that family!(Not in a wierd stalker way but in a respectful manner!I am truly inspired to read there books and watch there shows!Michelle is coming to Springfield,MO in November to speak at the womens conference there and i would love to go!!I will let you know if i get to head that way!!
      My book now is called Uncertain Heart by Andrea Boeshaar and so far im hooked on it!!..I love to find those great inspirational books that make you cry!Im a cryer....And thats it up and give it a read!Tell me what you think!

       Unwilling Warrior began the saga of the McCabe Family series that continues with book two, Uncertain Heart. A farmer is the last man Sarah wants to marry! After all, if Sarah McCabe had wanted to marry a farmer, she would have stayed home in Missouri. Ensconced as a governess for Captain Sinclair of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sarah knows firsthand the life she has always desired, a life of luxury, culture, and social privilege. But then she meets Richard Navis, the captain's steward, and those highfalutin dreams seem to vanish in salt air. Sarah loves his teasing tenderness and she admires his commitment to the Lord. Why should Richard want to leave behind his career to buy, of all things, a farm? Sarah McCabe knows exactly what she wants... but what does God want for her?